WELCOME!! We all have a resistance to the flow of energy and our studio recognizes that each of us is drawn to our yoga practice for many different reasons. If you are looking to experience a safe, self-loving environment to honor your resistance and find ways to go with the flow, Ohm Yoga Studio is right for you! Get ready to enjoy your practice with an empowered community on a path to wellness! Please join us for some “Not-So-Hot Yoga” and we can be your happy place! Ohm Sweet Ohm. Be sure to check out our upcoming events at the bottom of this page:)  Aloha & Namaste

Try our New Student Special and EXPLORE our classes to FIND the best fit for YOU!!


 Side note:

Our website is under a little construction. Please feel free to enjoy the convenience of technology if that suits you or simply head in to the studio about 15 min early to get checked in for your 1st class! Thank you for your interest in our cozy little studio and have a fabulous day!

Lokah Samastah Sukino Bavantu – May all beings be happy & free


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 If you’re interested in becoming a Yoga Instructor please get in touch!! We are in the process of coordinating

a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training that is set to start December 8, 2015!

Get more: info@OhmYogaStudio.com or visit browse our site:) Thanks!