New Classes at Ohm!

Tuesdays/Thursday – 6:30am
With Susanna

A blend of strengthening and stretching asanas taught in a more traditional hatha style with close attention to the details of alignment. This class focuses on strengthening and stretching key muscles used in running as well as muscles that are often not used by runners, to bring strength and balance to the body.


Thursday – 7pm
With Michael

Raja Yoga also known as Royal Yoga, or The Path of the King, is a practice of Yoga that goes beyond the common physical postures seen in many Hatha and Vinyasa practices. The practice of Raja leads the practitioner into the subtle states of the mind with concentration and the development of Meditation, and the ultimate goal of union into the ultimate truth. Commonly associated  with Patanjali’s  Eightfold Path of yoga, the practice of Raja explores the limbs of Yoga seen as Ones Morals, Self Control, Physical Postures, Breathing, Internalization, Concentration, Meditation, and Union with the Highest Self.

Through the practice of Raja Yoga at Ohm Yoga Studio, we will be exploring these paths together as we work through the Body, Breath and Mind bringing about self transformations on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This class isAll Levels  however with an added emphasis on Meditation, expect to be seated for 10-20 minutes as we develop the breath and mind. Were many practices of Yoga focus on the physical Postures, we will be focusing on the mind and the authentic self behind it all.



Wednesday October 5th @ 7:30PM

A free presentation by Blue Tusk Acupuncture on the combined benefits of Acupuncture and Yoga for muscular health. Come in for a great opportunity at Ohm Yoga Studio with information on achieving excellent muscle health, improving joint mobility, and increasing your quality of life. We will offer a free acupuncture session afterwards. For more information find Blue Tusk on Facebook or call (425) 979-7233.

Welcome to our cozy little studio! With smaller class sizes, we offer a safe place to explore on your journey, connect with others and celebrate your progress! Each of us is drawn to a yoga practice for many different reasons and at many different levels. Our bright & loving tribe of instructors are here to assist you! With the aid of bolsters, blocks and other props, you may find more comfort and YOUR best alignment. Commit to a healthy & consistent yoga practice with us and discover how you can be supported on and off your yoga mat! We offer classes from beginner to advanced, 200hr Teacher Trainings, Advanced Trainings as well as Weekend Workshops, Special Series, and more.

Some of our classes are heated up to a max of 85 degrees and offer a bit faster pace –Click on printable version of our schedule below and note the classes in red if you are heat sensitive. Always feel free to ask questions and most of all please remember to be kind and respect your body. We hold no judgment and welcome you with open arms. Grab your mat and let your soul shine with us!

–Yoga is not about Self-improvement, it’s about Self-acceptance–

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa